Auditions in LA for the Voice..Got a maybe

Having auditioned for American Idol.  I have to say this was a nice little change up between the ways they auditioned people.

It only took 4 hours in and out for me.  Picked up a friend from the Airport then drove to the Convention center.  Arrived at a little before 2 and started lining up.  The line itself took about 2 hours to progress through.  It was definitely nerve wracking.  Got to meet some awesome people in line and shared some nice jam sessions.

One thing I liked a little better about Idol was that you were able to interact with more people after you got into the venue.  For the Voice, you pretty much went in… waited for a little, couldn’t move around too much and yeah that was that.

The audition groups consisted of 10 people.  We’d sit down in a room with a producer and one by one she’d call people up.

I have to say the talent level for the voice is definitely on a higher average than American Idol.  Everyone in my group could sing.  

I was second to last to come up and I sang my heart out - Rumor Has It by Adele.

I chose this song because this was the song I choked on for my American Idol audition (Where I went to the first set of TV Rounds in front of the judges).

It was gratifying to sing the song to the best of my ability and finish it up unlike last time.  After we all sang, everyone was excused from the room…except for me!!

The producer called me up, nice woman named Holly, and we talked a bit.  She asked for my number ;) - but only because she wanted to give me a call later if i had made it to call backs.  So even after being called up…I was still only a Maybe.  I was to expect a call last night around 9 or so…but that call never arrived.  Kind of makes me feel like I was stood up by a date or something.  However, I can take pride that at least I was still considered.  

I’m definitely disappointed that I didn’t make it through, who wouldn’t be? I’m still keeping my hopes up that they just forgot to call me today :P

There will be next time and until then I’ll still be pursuing my music career through other venues.  Maybe Lestat’s in San Diego as a baby step?