Adele - Set Fire to the Rain // Cover by Alex Famous + Dana Larkin (by A23xFam0us)


So, i’ve had a revelation these past couple of days, and i really feel the need to draw attention to the results here.

Theres a perfectly valid reason why i dont usually enjoy the idea of a “collaboration” … allthough you can rest assure whatever collaborations i have done in the past were the…

Somebody That I Used To Know - Gotye // Piano Cover (by A23xFam0us)

Part of me is somebody that I used to know

Spent a whole friday finishing up a cover finally! Katy Perry’s Part of me and Gotye’s Somebody That I Used To Know..Check it!

Thousand Years Cover

Hey guys I did a cover of Christina Perri’s Thousand Years.

Great song, enjoy!

Definitely not Outta Luck

Hey guys,

Still in the progress of editing fighting for you.  But I decided to finish an old song i wrote since I was able to get Dean to rap it for me!

Check it out.

Fighting For You!

Hey everyone,

I’ve definitely been on a musical drought and, alas, I was finally able to finish a song the other night.

Well, kind of.  

Will probably redo the vocals for this one and edit it further later, but I haven’t posted anything lately, so hope you like it!

I’ll be fighting for you =)

Look What You’ve Done to Me!

Hey guys, just recently completely redid an old song I wrote using some of my new skills I’ve been learning the past couple of weeks.  

Hope you like it.

Hey guys, in between revamping some of my old songs (Which I’ve been horribly lazy at) Ben Reiter and I wrote a holiday heartbreak song.  We’re going to each do our version and then somehow mash it together.  Here’s my live take of the song…backtracked version coming later!

Hey guys, here’s an instrumental I did for Mistletoe by Justin Bieber.  

I’ll probably be doing a youtube cover soon for it using my own backtracks.  Enjoy!